Malaysia Callback Card - MV Card

How Malaysia Callback MVcard Android App Works?

  1. For first time users, please go to "Account" to register and login to the system.

    You may also register HERE prior to logging into our Callback MVcard Android App.

  2. If you have already registered for an MVcard account, tap "Login" to login into the system. Otherwise, tap "Register".

  3. At the Register page, fill in the details accordingly. Tap on the "Register" button after you have complete filling in the form. An activation code will be sent to your mobile phone. Insert the activation code in the SMS to activate your account.

  4. At the Login page, insert your username and password to access the system.

  5. Your account details will displayed in the homepage. The credit amount shows the current balance for your account. The source will be your mobile phone number.

    (Note: You may change the source number in "Settings").

    The system will automatically detect your current location and the rate will be charge according to your current location.

  6. Finally, to make a call, please tap "Destination" and insert the destination number of whom you would like to make a call to.

    Please insert the country code before inserting the phone number. The country code of each country is provided to you by selecting the "Country Codes" button.

    The charge rates will be displayed to you as well. After inserting the destination number, tap the "Call" button and wait for the call from the server. Then, answer the call.

  7. Please take note that you may change the source number in the Settings before making a call. To change the source number, please go to "Settings" directly and edit the "Source Number".